3 Benefits of Invisalign® for Teens

Invisalign For Teens New Windsor, NY

Invisalign® for teens is an alternative to traditional braces and serves the same purpose: realigning the teeth for a straight, attractive smile. Invisalign® is suitable for teens and was developed to solve some of the challenges that teens face with orthodontic treatment.

3 Reasons to choose Invisalign for teens

Invisalign is especially appealing to teenagers who do not want to wear traditional braces. Some of the benefits of Invisalign for teens include:

1. Invisible on the teeth

Many teens simply do not want to be noticed when they wear braces. With Invisalign, they will not have to worry about their appearance on prom night, in yearbook photos, or at any other important event. The transparent Invisalign aligners are removable. They are also quite comfortable because they are made to fit the teen's mouth snugly. Teenagers can engage in their normal activities, such as playing instruments or participating in sports, all while wearing an Invisalign aligner.

2. Built-in compliance monitoring

Some teens may be tempted to take their aligners out more than they should because they are removable. Noncompliance might also be caused by being too busy or forgetful. The aligners must provide consistent pressure to the teen's teeth to achieve the desired effects. They should wear Invisalign for approximately 22 hours every day, removing them only for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

The treatment duration can take longer than anticipated if they fail to comply with usage instructions. Therefore, blue indication dots are included with Invisalign for teens. The blue spots on the aligners will disappear over time if they are worn as directed. This enables parents and the dentist to keep track of the teen's compliance and progress.

3. Fewer dietary and hygiene limitations

Patients may choose transparent aligners over braces after assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each option because Invisalign has little or no dietary restrictions. Popcorn, hard candies, caramel, nuts, and chips must all be avoided by patients wearing braces. Invisalign patients can eat whatever they want since the aligners are removable for meals and snacks.

Removable aligners are not only handy, but they are also beneficial to dental health since one can brush and floss as usual without worrying about threading between brackets and under the wires. Remember, though, that even with Invisalign for teens, patients will need to brush their teeth more frequently than usual. They will brush after eating or drinking before putting the aligners back in, aside from the usual morning and evening oral hygiene routines.

In conclusion

Of course, not every adolescent will be a good fit for Invisalign for teens, but it is a treatment option worth discussing with your dentist. The importance of a teenager's self-image to their overall emotional well-being cannot be overstated. Invisalign for teens is an alternative to traditional braces that can help raise their self-esteem and increase their confidence.

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