5 Best Tooth Restoration Options

tooth restoration

There are now several tooth restoration options for those living with noticeable and embarrassing dental problems. Gone are the days when people had to live the rest of their lives being unhappy with the appearance of their teeth.

There is no oral problem too severe to be addressed by modern cosmetic dentistry treatments. From broken teeth to a misaligned bite, there is a solution for every issue.

Here are the five best cosmetic dentistry treatments patients can now choose from to improve their smiles:

Best tooth restoration options

1. Fillings

Fillings are the go-to treatment when it comes to dealing with tooth decay. A person's teeth become damaged when food particles in their mouth are converted into acids by the bacteria that live there. These acids eat away at tooth enamel and eventually, the inner layers of the person's teeth.

If left unaddressed, tooth decay can reach the pulp chamber, leaving the nerve and pulp inside exposed to bacteria and other debris. That often leads to an infected tooth, which might require a root canal or extraction to address.

The best way to deal with the cavities caused by tooth decay is to stop them right in their tracks. This can be done cheaply by using fillings. Fillings can be made from silver amalgam, composite resins and metals like gold and silver.

Composite resins are the most popular option nowadays, since these have the same color as natural teeth, making them virtually impossible to detect inside a person's mouth.

2. Crowns

Also known as caps, a crown is a dental prosthetic that is used to protect a badly-damaged tooth. A crown restores the appearance of the tooth it covers and helps regain its function. Crowns are often used after a root canal has been performed on a tooth, in conjunction with other prosthetics like bridges and implants, and to restore teeth that have been severely damaged by trauma.

Caps are commonly made out of ceramics and porcelain, but metals like gold and silver can also be used.

3. Dental bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It consists of two parts: crowns placed on the two natural teeth closest to the gap and artificial teeth held in place with the crowns. The anchor teeth are called abutments, while the artificial teeth are known as pontics.

A bridge is one of the more affordable options when it comes to replacing multiple teeth.

4. Implants

Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. These devices imitate the natural function of teeth and their roots. That is particularly important because missing a tooth and its root often leads to jawbone tissue deterioration due to the fact the jaw is no longer being adequately stimulated.

Implants are just like natural teeth, and they do not have specialized cleaning requirements.

5. Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments performed by dentists can improve the color of a person's teeth by eight shades after a single treatment. It is one of the most effective ways to get significantly whiter teeth.

Ready to improve the appearance of your teeth? Schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists and explore your tooth restoration options.

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