5 Tips For Stronger Teeth

TeethAs people age, they tend to look for stronger teeth solutions that bolster their pearly whites into the golden years and beyond.  Stronger teeth are certainly possible if you are willing to put forth the effort. Follow the tips for stronger teeth outlined below and it will not be long until your teeth are fortified.

Fluoride is Your Friend!

Do not believe the negative hype about fluoride.  Fluoride is essential for tooth health. Skip the fluoride and your teeth will weaken much faster than they should.  Fluoride is available from tap water, toothpaste and treatment trays at the dentist's office. The use of fluoride will slow tooth decay and bolster tooth strength.  In particular, fluoride is important to enhance the strength of tooth enamel.

Add Calcium to Your Diet

Stronger teeth are certainly within the realm of possibility if you key in on your calcium intake.  You can add calcium in a number of different ways. Consume foods rich in calcium such as leafy greens, nuts and dairy and your teeth will gradually strengthen.  You can also add calcium to your body in the form of supplement vitamins. Such supplements are available at your local shopping store or health/nutrition outlet.

Work With Your Dentist to put an end to Bruxism

The grinding of the teeth, commonly referred to as bruxism, is a condition in which the teeth clench, gnash or grind.  This can occur during the day yet it is particularly common when sleeping. Teeth that grind against one another will eventually wear down.  A wearing of tooth enamel will expose the deeper layers of the tooth. Certain teeth will be even become flattened, chipped or fractured due to this habit.  Speak to your dentist about what can be done to reduce the impact of your bruxism. The dentist will provide you with a custom-fitted mouth guard that safeguards your precious pearly whites.

Decrease Sugar Intake

The mouth's bacteria breaks apart sugars from food and beverages.  This process results in the formation of acids that dissolve the protective layer of enamel coating along the teeth.  Such a breakdown eventually makes the teeth that much more susceptible to decay. Decayed teeth will not prove strong.  Do your best to limit your sugar intake. Do not consume soda or an excess of candy, sugar-laden breakfast cereals, pastries, ice cream, cake, etc.

Furthermore, it will also help to leave your coffee or tea completely plain as opposed to adding one or several spoonfuls of sugar.  If you are a juice drinker, opt for juice without added sugar and limit your intake to a single glass per day. Ideally, you will obtain the nutrients from fruits in solid form rather than fluid form as there is significantly less harmful sugar in an all natural fruit than fruit juice.

Choose the Right Toothpaste

No two toothpastes are the same.  In order to protect your chompers, you will need a brand that has fluoride.  Look for a toothpaste that has fluoride as well as remineralization qualities.  Above all, the toothpaste should have the American Dental Association's (ADA) seal of acceptance.

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