8 Tips for Good Dental Health for the Whole Family

Posted on: September 15, 2018

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Want tips that can support your family’s good dental health? While the idea of getting your whole family involved when it comes to everyone taking proper care of their oral health is a great one, putting the idea into practice can be a whole different story. So, what can you do to get the whole family together when it comes to having a healthy mouth? The trick is making dental care fun, instead of a chore.

Whole family

The earlier someone is introduced to how to provide themselves with the proper oral health care, the better their chances when it comes to experiencing good oral health for their entire lifetime. Too many children have signs of tooth decay in their baby teeth, which means they are likely to have difficulty taking care of their adult teeth. The key is teaching children early and making sure they are having fun when taking care of their mouth.

Eight tips for good dental health

The following is a list of eight tips that anybody can use to get the whole family involved in the necessary responsibilities required for a healthy mouth.

Tip #1 — make a dental calendar that requires everyone to check off their oral health responsibilities for the day

Tip #2 — be sure everyone is getting the right amount of fluoride

Tip #3 — have everybody brush their teeth together while listening to one of the many songs they have reserved just for this special time

Tip #4 — let everyone pick out any toothbrush they want

Tip #5 — when brushing after a meal is not an option, parents should have everyone’s favorite chewing gum available

Tip #6 — eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, a.k.a. nature's toothbrushes

Tip #7 — after eating sweets or junk food, immediately rinse the mouth out with water

Tip #8 — after drinking juice or soda, immediately rinse the mouth out with water

We can answer any questions you have

Our team of dental professionals can answer any questions about how to care for your family’s dental health. Since you are looking for tips that can help your whole family, it means you care about everyone’s good oral health and are being proactive. Besides the above tips, be sure to schedule regular dental appointments for your whole family, as this is the ideal way to make sure that everyone’s oral health is indeed in tip-top shape.

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