A Look at Basic Restorative Dental Care

Restorative DentalRestorative dental treatments address a wide range of oral issues like tooth decay, broken teeth, or badly discolored teeth. Many restorative techniques are also performed by cosmetic dentists as modern dental restorations are designed to restore the function of your teeth and improve its appearance.

Here is a look at some restorative dental procedures that are often performed by dentists:

1. Crowns    

Crowns are used to address a wide range of dental issues. Also known as caps, they can be used to protect a badly-decayed tooth, cracked, damaged, or chipped tooth. Crowns can also act as anchors for some dental prosthetics like bridges.

While crowns typically consist of porcelain and ceramics, they can also consist of metals like gold and stainless steel. If you decide to go with more traditional crowns, your dentist will select one that matches the color of your natural teeth. Parts of the tooth in question is typically filed off before cementing a crown in place.

2. Bridges    

Dental bridges are a great way to restore your smile if you are missing more than one tooth. A bridge is a device that comes with natural-looking artificial teeth and fastens to the two closest natural teeth on both sides of the gap. These teeth typically have a crown for a more secure base.

Bridges often consist of porcelain and ceramics. Your dentist will take a mold of the gap in your mouth and have a custom-made bridge crafted specifically for you. Once fitted, bridges serve as a permanent solution for your missing teeth.

3. Fillings

Here is one of the most regularly performed procedures by dentists. Fillings deal with one of the most common dental diseases: tooth decay. If left unchecked, tooth decay will make its way to the pulp of your tooth, leaving the pulp and nerves inside exposed to air. That typically leads to an infection.

With fillings, you can stop tooth decay in its tracks. Your dentist starts the treatment by cleaning the tooth and removing the decayed part, then pours the filling into your teeth. The filling hardens quickly before the dentist forms it into the proper shape.

4. Dentures    

Dentures are the most affordable way to restore your smile if you are missing all or most of your natural teeth. Dentures consist of two parts: Artificial teeth that serve as a replacement for your missing teeth, and a base that keeps it secure in your mouth.

Full dentures are used when you are missing all your teeth, while partial dentures are used to fill gaps in your smile. Traditional dentures are kept in place in your mouth via suction and the use of adhesives, but you also have the option of getting implant-supported dentures which are held securely in place with implants that fuse to your jawbone.

These are only a handful of restorative procedures that can be performed by your dentist. Schedule an appointment to learn more about restoring your smile.

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