Am I a Candidate for a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction New Windsor, NY

Wisdom tooth extraction is a routine procedure to remove the last set of molars. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to emerge and can cause issues that often always require their removal. These teeth are not necessary for survival or oral health, and most people are better off without them. This article talks about the signs that may indicate the need for extracting the wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth should be extracted

The following are indications that a patient may be a candidate for wisdom teeth extraction:


As wisdom teeth erupt, they can emerge crooked or incorrectly. Sometimes the jaw may not have enough space to contain the new molars, thus forcing other teeth out of alignment. This may cause tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches or discomfort when drinking or eating. Consider when the pain started and how frequent it is. If the pain is recurrent and intense and simple solutions seem ineffective, then it may be time to talk to the dentist about wisdom teeth removal.

Damage to existing teeth

When wisdom teeth do not erupt correctly, they can cause damage to other teeth and overcrowding if the mouth cannot accommodate all the teeth. Patients who had orthodontic treatment in their teenage years may be at risk of misalignment again due to improper wisdom teeth growth. Aside from that, misalignment caused by overcrowding cannot be corrected with braces. The recommended option is to remove the teeth before they affect the other teeth and jaw.

Wisdom teeth impaction

Tooth impaction means a tooth that erupts partially or fails to erupt. This condition is most common with wisdom teeth, in cases when the tooth does not emerge from the gum tissue and remains impacted beneath the gums. This can cause problems for a few reasons. Impacted teeth usually grow at an awkward angle, forming sideways against other teeth or develop into the jaw. This may result in pain, inflamed gum tissue or damages to the teeth.

Partially impacted teeth tend to trap food cavities and are vulnerable to cavities and bad breath. If a patient notices the symptoms or a dental X-ray reveals impacted teeth, then a wisdom tooth extraction is likely in order.

Infection and gum disease

Another sign that a tooth needs to be removed is if the gums and tissue surrounding the area become infected. Swelling and inflammation around the wisdom tooth area could mean a problem with the tooth. The dentist may need to check to determine if a tooth extraction is necessary. Gum disease around the wisdom teeth is also a red flag. If the wisdom tooth is the cause, removal may be the preferable option.

The bottom line

Wisdom teeth extraction is not a simple procedure, especially in the case of impaction, but it is sometimes necessary. Even if you are not experiencing pain, the dentist may recommend the procedure to prevent future dental issues or complications. Check on your candidacy for wisdom tooth extraction by booking an appointment with the dentist to undergo a dental evaluation.

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