Ask a Family Dentist: Does It Hurt to Get a Dental Cleaning?

Posted on: May 1, 2020

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Dental cleaning is one of the least upsetting services a person might seek from the family dentist. Many people worry that any dental service may be painful. The reality is that only some dental procedures cause any discomfort. Thankfully, dental cleaning is among the least uncomfortable treatments available.

Why have dental cleaning?

Many people dislike going to the family dentist. Some may not have their teeth checked for years at a time. Others may not be maintaining their own oral hygiene between dental appointments. In these cases, professional dental cleaning may be necessary before the family dentist can get to work on other issues with the person’s teeth.

Everyone’s mouth is different. People who have not had orthodontic braces often have overcrowded teeth, or teeth set at odd angles. This can create nooks and crannies where a toothbrush cannot easily reach. This, in turn, leads to a buildup of staining, tartar and plaque between teeth, which cannot be removed by a simple brushing.

Some people work in professions where the whiteness of their smile is important. For actors and performers, in particular, the money spent on dental cleaning is an investment toward future employment. There is a reason that one almost never sees bad teeth on TV. People whose profession relies upon personal presentation consider a white smile as important as clean clothes or a good haircut.

What does dental cleaning entail?

Getting dental cleaning is like any other visit to the family dentist. The patient sits back in the chair and says, “Aah.” The dentist then has a look inside the mouth, using a light and a mirror to see in detail. Then the dentist uses a motorized rotary brush to clean the teeth thoroughly. The brush is similar to a commercial electric toothbrush, but is more robust in its design, and less forgiving on tough stains. It is as simple as that, but the dentist uses higher-quality tools and a professional level of skill in the task.

The sensation is not painful. It is very much like normal tooth-brushing but conducted in the family dentist’s chair with professional attention and equipment. The dentist will also use the opportunity to look for other dental problems. The client should also mention any known problems and any particular areas for the dentist to focus on.

The reason it does not hurt is simply that the dentist is only cleaning the surface of the tooth. Dental cleaning entails no prodding of the gums, no drilling or other invasive procedure. In extreme cases, where there is a large buildup of plaque or tartar, some scraping with a sickle probe may be necessary. This may be less comfortable and familiar than cleaning with a rotary brush, but, still, it should not be painful.

Booking a dental cleaning with the family dentist

Getting dental cleaning is nothing to worry about. It can even be a positive experience for people who feel anxious at the thought of visiting the family dentist. It is not painful or even particularly uncomfortable. It is also easy; if you already have a dental appointment, adding a dental cleaning is a small extra service well worth the few more minutes in the chair.

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