CEREC Impressions for Dental Crowns

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To restore teeth, CEREC® crowns can be an effective option. There are various instances when a crown can be helpful. Getting a crown in one visit has benefits that other methods cannot give you. Ultimately, these crowns can improve your appearance and oral health. It can give you peace of mind to understand how the process works. You can soon enjoy a new smile and feel good about the way you look.

Why dentists will use a dental crown

Teeth are made of dentin and enamel layers. Enamel is a stronger substance than bones. Still, teeth are not indestructible. It is possible to damage or even knock out a tooth with the right force and under certain conditions. Tooth decay or trauma can break, chip, or crack teeth. To repair such damage, the dentist can cover the affected tooth with a crown.

There are other ways in which a CEREC crown may be useful. Crowns can be made to be any desired color, so the device can be a good teeth-whitening method. The dentist can also use a crown to make a tooth appear straighter. Crowns also stabilize weak teeth and prevent further damage to a tooth.

An understanding of CEREC crowns

Traditionally, it would take a few weeks for a dentist to make a crown for a patient. The dentist would make impressions of the person’s mouth and then send the impressions to a lab. Here, a technician would fabricate the crown out of porcelain, ceramic, resin, or other material. CEREC crowns are made out of ceramic. But instead of waiting for the next appointment to get the crown, the patient receives it the same day as all the preparatory work.

How the impressions and preparation work

For CEREC crown treatment, the dentist uses computer technology to design and make the crown. The dentist makes the patient comfortable in the dental chair. Then, the dentist will capture images of the person’s affected tooth and jaw. Using a computer program, the dentist can then properly design a crown that fits comfortably and is the desired colored shade. The technology allows the design to be accurate, matching the grooves of the natural tooth.

Placing the crown

Once the dentist finishes the design of the CEREC crown, the information goes to a milling unit in the office. The device makes the crown out of a ceramic block. The dentist or hygienist paints the crown the right color. The dentist will then make sure that the crown fits before placing it. Then, the dentist will use dental cement to secure it in place. A light helps to cure the cement, so it dries quickly.

See the benefits of same-day crowns

Technology continues to advance in dentistry, and you can take advantage. If you need a crown on a damaged or injured tooth, ask your dentist about CEREC treatment. You can avoid going in for multiple appointments and get your crown in one visit. The results can be faster and give you the smile you have been looking for.

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