Choosing Between In-Office or At-Home Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening New Windsor, NY

When it comes to your teeth whitening options, in-office and at-home whitening should be at the top of your list. Either of these come with the supervision of a dentist, drastically reducing the odds of any complications developing as a result of the treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments are non-invasive, and they do not directly cause pain. Experiencing discomfort after whitening treatments is typically the result of complications such as the whitening product getting into gum tissues or the patient having damaged teeth before the treatment.

Deciding between at-home and in-office teeth whitening

There are many over-the-counter whitening products sold nowadays, but none are as effective as the products used by dentists. These more concentrated whitening products are more likely to lead to complications when not properly administered, so they can only be provided by a dentist who monitors the patient’s usage.

Here are some key differences between at-home and in-office teeth whitening kits:

1. Professional treatments get you faster results

Professional in-office whitening treatments involve using the most concentrated whitening products. As a result, they also lead to faster results, with a single session being enough to get most people to their target color.

At-home whitening kits are not as potent as the bleaching products used in-office, but they are significantly stronger than anything sold OTC. Dentists typically recommend these for maintenance whitening treatments, those looking for a more affordable alternative than in-office whitening, and people with sensitive teeth.

2. At-home kits are gentler on teeth

At-home whitening kits being less concentrated than in-office whitening products means these products are less likely to aggravate sensitive teeth. However, being less concentrated also means it takes longer to get noticeable results. It can take a couple of weeks of daily use of these at-home whitening kits to match the results of in-office whitening.

3. At-home kits are the more affordable option

At-home whitening kits are a cheaper alternative to in-office whitening, and patients still end up with the same level of whitening. It just takes longer.

In-office and at-home whitening kits often involve using a custom mouth tray to cover the patient’s teeth with the bleaching product. The custom mouth tray is made from an impression of the patient’s teeth at a dental lab where oral appliances and restorations are made.

Figuring out eligibility for whitening treatments

Teeth whitening products should only be used after a dentist has cleared the patient for the process. People who have dental problems like gum disease and damaged teeth are more likely to experience complications after getting whitening treatments.

Dentists typically recommend treating all existing dental issues before proceeding with whitening treatments. Teeth cleanings might also be performed before whitening treatments to increase the effectiveness.

We can get you a white smile

A bright smile helps you to make a positive impression during social and professional interactions. Call or visit our New Windsor office to learn more about ways our dentist can whiten your smile.

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