Common Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Screening New Windsor, NY

Like any form of cancer, oral cancer is a serious matter. If it remains untreated, this disease can cause severe complications, even death. If you believe you may be at risk of developing this condition, pay attention to the typical signs and symptoms. If you get the help you need early, you can manage this illness.

A description of oral cancer

This type of cancer occurs when cells grow uncontrollably and attack the tissue in the mouth. This disease can affect various parts of a person’s mouth, including the tongue, roof of the mouth, the floor of the mouth and the lips. It can even affect a person’s sinuses and throat. Mouth cancer will appear as sores or growths that do not vanish when using regular medication or intervention. To treat it, a dentist may have to remove part of the affected tissue.

Patches and bleeding

Most people who have oral cancer will see patches of sores developing in their mouth. These sores are usually velvety and may be white, red or speckled. This often will show up on a person’s gums but can also form on the inside or outside or the lips. Bleeding is also common in patients with this disease. Unlike bleeding from a cut or blow to the face, these incidents are unexplained.


Often, swelling of the mouth will occur after a person suffers an injury or has an infection. Applying ice to the area or taking an antibiotic can solve these issues. However, with oral cancer, the swelling continues despite these efforts. The lips can also swell, and they may also develop sores, lumps or bumps.

Pain and discomfort

Oral cancer can bring severe, almost constant pain to the person suffering from this disease. People with mouth cancer may have difficulty swallowing or speaking. Simply moving the tongue or jaw can be difficult. Eating can be almost unbearable for the patient, as the act of chewing is painful. Some people may even complain about the pain shooting into their ears.

Problems with teeth

Sometimes, oral cancer can affect a person’s teeth. The disease could cause teeth to become loose or fall out. People with dentures may discover that the appliance no longer fits correctly. Brushing and flossing can be irritating.

Other common symptoms

Other signs that a person has oral cancer may include a hoarse or raspy voice. People may experience a constant sore throat. Sudden weight loss may also indicate that an individual has the disease. Lumps in the throat or anywhere on the mouth are frequent signs of mouth cancer as well.

Be aware and act fast

It is never a good idea to ignore cancer symptoms. It is no different when it comes to oral cancer. This disease is a serious matter that you should let a dentist near you take care of. If you are experiencing any of these signs, make an appointment with your dentist today so you can get a proper diagnosis and start treatment. With the right intervention, you can overcome this condition and regain your health.

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