Dental Composite Filling Procedure FAQs

Composite Filling New Windsor, NY

A composite filling is a type of tooth restoration. Many dentists have been using it to help patients regain their smiles. Compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings have more aesthetic value. If you want to find out more about getting these fillings before your next dental appointment, here are some common questions and answers to consider.

Is it all right to eat after getting a composite filling?

Once the fillings harden, a patient can eat after the procedure. Dentists recommend that patients should wait until the local anesthesia wears off. Numbness of the mouth can make eating a little challenging. Accidental biting of the lips, cheek, and tongue could happen. The patient should stay away from sticky, crunchy, and hard foods, as well.

Are there disadvantages to getting this type of filling?

Sensitivity usually happens after the procedure. Another downside is that the original color of the composite filling can darken a bit after eating or drinking something that stains. There is a temporary solution to the issue of discoloration. The dentist can apply a clear coating of plastic over the composite filling. This can protect the filling from staining.

What is the main advantage of these fillings?

Patients choose composite fillings because of the cosmetic benefit that they provide. Each filling can blend with the patient’s original teeth. A composite filling can also seal a tooth well enough to prevent bacteria from entering. It is also a protective filling that adds strength to the tooth, preventing tooth sensitivity.

How do dentists place composite fillings?

The dentist must first prepare the patient’s tooth. This involves removing the damaged parts and cleaning the space out. To prevent any pain from this, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic. When the tooth is clean enough, the dentist will place the composite filling by layers until it fills the space. Then, the dentist will expose it to a curing light to harden it. Polishing follows to prevent early wear and staining.

How long does the process take?

Many variables influence the duration of the filling placement. The location of the damaged tooth, the size of the damage, and the number of fillings determine the length of time to get composite fillings. The patient could make a phone call first to discuss the matter with the dentist. On the day itself, the patients should prepare to stay in the clinic for at least an hour for the procedure.

How can composite fillings last longer?

With proper care, these fillings can last for a decade or so. Seeing the dentist often and practicing proper oral care can extend the life of composite fillings. Patients should avoid acidic foods and drinks that weaken the fillings. Crunchy or hard foods should also be off the list.

Composite fillings can extend the strength and the life of your tooth

Lifestyle, diet, or trauma can compromise the structural integrity of your teeth. Because of these unavoidable instances, teeth could suffer from damage such as fractures and cavities. Restoring your teeth is possible with composite fillings. These fillings can bring back your smile in just one dental visit. They blend with the rest of your teeth, so nobody will even know you have them.

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