Dental Crowns or Dental Fillings for a Chipped Tooth

What Should I Do If I Chip My Tooth New Windsor, NY

It is possible to have a chipped tooth and not even realize it at first. Or, you might have pain in your mouth or your lip or tongue on a jagged edge of your tooth. Even if the chip does not affect you physically, it could be embarrassing. To repair your smile and restore your mouth, your dentist can look at different methods. Two of the most common are fillings and crowns. Both have their benefits and might be useful in different situations.

Common reasons for a chipped tooth

People can chip a tooth at any age. This issue can occur due to poor oral health, including a lack of brushing and not going to regular dental appointments. Not taking care of teeth can weaken them, making them more prone to damage. Biting into something hard or using teeth to open packages are other ways in which parts of a tooth can break off. Injuries from falls or hard blows to the face can also result in chipped teeth.

How a filling works

Many dental patients know what it is like to get a cavity filled. This process entails the dentist drilling into the tooth to remove the decay and filling the space with a composite resin material. The same process can repair a chipped tooth. In this case, the dentist may not even need to numb the patient.

The resin is tooth-colored, so the filling will hardly be noticeable. The dentist applies it to the missing area of the tooth, building it up and hardening it quickly with the help of light. Once it is set, the dentist will smooth it out so there are no sharp edges. Then, the dentist tests the patient’s bite to make sure it is comfortable.

How a dental crown works

Crowns are caps that go over the top of a damaged tooth. They are common to use with broken teeth or badly decayed teeth. Patients with severely chipped teeth may prefer this option. It may also make sense to go this route if a molar is chipped.

A technician makes the natural-looking crown in a lab after the dentist takes X-rays and makes impressions during an initial appointment. A few weeks later, once the crown is ready, the patient returns to the office. The dentist places the crown over the damaged tooth, securing it with dental cement. The artificial tooth will closely resemble a natural tooth. It is also durable and allows the patient to chew properly.

Making the choice

The dentist will evaluate the extent of the tooth damage. If the chipped tooth is prone to getting worse, a crown may be the right solution. For more minor issues, a filling could work well. Neither is permanent but can last for several years with good care.

A new smile

A chipped tooth can hamper your facial appearance. To regain your beautiful smile, talk to your dentist about the right treatment. With a filling or crown, you can once again feel happy about the way you look. Make an appointment today and fill in that missing space on your tooth.

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