Dental Restoration: Implant Versus Bridge for Single Tooth Replacement

Posted on: August 12, 2020

dental restoration New Windsor, NY

If someone is missing a tooth, dental restoration is a possibility for replacement. The main options for replacement are an implant or a bridge. It is a good idea for people to weigh both alternatives before deciding what is the better choice for their dental needs.


An implant is made up of a titanium post and a crown. The post acts like the tooth root and is inserted into the jawbone. The crown is then placed on top.


An implant is a popular dental restoration choice because it is stable and natural-looking. It looks, functions, and feels like a natural tooth does, and it is easy to maintain. Because it is inserted into the jawbone, it also prevents the bone from deteriorating. This maintains the normal structure of the face.

An implant also supports itself, so there is no strain on the surrounding teeth. This protects them and prevents shifting in the mouth. An implant is long-lasting and can last a lifetime with the right care.


The placement of an implant requires surgery and, as with any surgical procedure, there are associated risks. These may include jaw fracture, nerve damage, teeth damage, and infection. It also takes time for the surgical site to heal, so the procedure is performed in stages. It can take three to six months for final completion.

Because the post is inserted directly into the jawbone, an implant is not an option for those with bone loss, as there is not enough structure to support the post. For some people, a bone graft may be an option, but this requires additional surgery and time. Another con is that an implant costs more than a bridge does.


A bridge is made up of a false tooth that is supported by the surrounding teeth.


One benefit of this type of dental restoration is that it is more affordable than getting an implant. It also does not require surgery. This means that not only is the procedure a lot faster, but there is less risk to the patient. There is also less pain, and a completed bridge can be placed within three weeks.

As with an implant, a bridge requires low maintenance, as they are cleaned just like natural teeth are. Another potential benefit to a bridge is that it may improve the look of adjacent teeth, as a bridge uses crowns for the teeth on each side. This is beneficial if the teeth are discolored or cracked.  


One of the cons of a bridge is that it does require the removal of enamel and structure of the adjacent teeth to place the crowns. A bridge also does not look as natural as an implant does, so it is not as aesthetically pleasing.

Unlike an implant, a bridge needs to be replaced periodically. In most cases, replacement should occur every five to seven years.  


Having a missing tooth can affect one’s smile and confidence level, and it can lead to bone loss over time. Two dental restoration options include replacing the tooth with an implant or a bridge, and people should weigh the pros and cons of each.

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