Emergency Dentist Visit for Broken Tooth

Posted on: May 15, 2020

emergency dentist New Windsor, NY

You should never shy away from calling an emergency dentist when you have the most urgent needs. Take, for example, a fractured tooth. This can be aesthetically embarrassing and hurt your self-esteem. More problematic, a broken tooth can lead to oral health concerns. The dentist can address these quickly and provide the help you need.

How teeth break

Because teeth are the strongest substance in the human body, some people may think they are indestructible. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Poor oral hygiene is one of the biggest culprits for suffering tooth damage. A lack of brushing and flossing can introduce tooth decay and infections. If these issues persist, teeth can begin to crack or break.

Even healthy patients can suffer a broken tooth. A hard blow to the face can cause this. Tooth injuries are not uncommon in contact sports, falls or car accidents. Biting into something hard such as a fork, a pen or certain foods can also break teeth.

The consequences

Some people feel ashamed about having tooth abnormalities. A person with this mindset may not want to be around others. However, the oral health effects are more critical. A broken tooth lends itself more to infections. Damaged teeth can also make it difficult for the individual to eat or even speak properly. Broken teeth can rub against the person’s gums or tongue, causing sores and pain.

Why patients choose the emergency dentist

The sooner a person repairs a broken tooth, the more likely full health and function can return. An emergency dentist can see patients on the day of the injury or incident. Appointments are not necessary. Plus, a dentist that handles emergency treatment has more knowledge and training of critical procedures.

Getting a crown

To reduce pain or preserve the tooth, the emergency dentist may place a temporary crown on it. This process starts with X-rays and an examination. The dentist will shave the tooth so that the temporary crown will fit. This cap will keep the tooth from fracturing more. It will also help cut down on the pain and discomfort the patient is feeling. The patient can then schedule an appointment with the general dentist to get a permanent crown in the coming days or weeks.

Placing a filling

For smaller breaks, the dentist may only need to place a filling in the tooth. Other fractures may only require some bonding material to build up the tooth. In the latter, the emergency dentist will smooth the tooth after this process to make sure the tooth does not cut the gums or tongue. If the patient prefers a crown or a veneer, this process can occur later.

Quick repair and relief

Breaking a permanent tooth can be alarming and stressful. The good news is that an emergency dentist near you is available to help. You can preserve the form and function or a broken tooth with a visit to this dentist. You should never procrastinate a visit here. Immediate action can help you maintain your smile and feel well.

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