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The term All-on-4® describes the replacement of every tooth on a dental arch with the use of four strategically placed dental implants. The dental implants act as immovable anchors for a set of fixed dentures.

A person with a set of All-on-4® teeth gets to enjoy a brilliant smile, their favorite foods and a youthful face framed by defined jaws. They also get to speak without the minor but unavoidable embarrassments that come with loose dentures.

Are you thinking about All-on-4® as a replacement for missing teeth? Do you want to learn about the process that goes into the realization of a new and perfect smile? Maybe you are wondering what it feels like to live with All-on-4®. So here is a little explainer.

All-on-4® in a nutshell

Dental implants are the go-to technique for the replacement of one or more missing teeth. This rise in popularity is due to the many benefits of implant-supported restorations. For example:

  • Dental implants stimulate bone regeneration, which in turn prevents the loss of bone mass in the jaw
  • A jaw that retains bone mass and density (even after the loss of one or more teeth) can anchor remaining teeth and prevent them from falling out
  • Only a jaw that retains bone mass and density can provide definition around the mouth and the lower face. A well-defined jaw keeps the face looking youthful while the loss of bone mass in the jaw causes a sunken appearance that ages the face

Implant-supported dental restorations like All-on-4® are permanent and therefore immovable. This is the main quality that gives All-on-4® its natural feel and allows it to function like actual, natural teeth, save for a few minor differences.

Frequently asked questions about All-on-4®

The best and fastest way to gather information on All-on-4® is to go through a series of frequently asked questions and the answers to these questions. Below are a few of the questions that dentists answer on a regular basis:

1. Is there a marked difference between All-on-4® and regular dentures?

There is a world of difference. All-on-4® teeth are more comfortable since they are anchored by dental implants. They do not slip or rub against the gums, meaning that there is no risk of sore gums. They stay in place as their wearer chews, allowing a person to bite down and grind food without fear of their teeth coming loose.

Lastly, All-on-4® teeth are easy almost as easy to clean as natural teeth. A person only needs to make small adjustments to their oral hygiene routine.

2. Are All-on-4® implants easy to maintain?

Once a person establishes a good oral hygiene routine, maintaining a set of All-on-4® dentures becomes easy. The person only needs to take extra care to clean the space between the gums and dentures. Luckily, there are specialized tools that make it easier to clean hard-to-reach spaces.

The wearer of All-on-4® dentures should also maintain good oral habits like a healthy diet, preventative measures and routine dental checkups.

3. What is the success rate of All-on-4® implants?

For the lower arch, the long-term success rate is 98 percent. The success rate is between 97 and 98 percent for the upper dental arch.

4. Who is the ideal candidate for All-on-4®?

It is a person who wears dentures or who will need them in a short while. The ideal candidate should also be healthy, with enough bone mass to anchor four implants.

5. How long does the process take, from start to finish?

Six months, give or take.

6. Can a person get All-on-4® teeth in a single procedure?

Most dentists prefer to load newly placed implants with temporary dentures. They wait to place a permanent set of dentures once the patient heals completely.

7. Will the end result look like a set of natural teeth?

Yes. An experienced dentist will design a smile that matches the look of an individual’s face and the shape of their jaw. They will design the dentures based on molds or 3D models of the patient’s mouth.

8. How long does a set of All-on-4®dentures last?

The technique has only been in use for a short while, but researchers are tracking patients that have All-on-4®dentures. The results point to a success rate of more than 97 percent. Out of nearly 2,000 patients that researchers tracked for time periods that vary from five to 18 years, 97 percent of them are yet to report implant failure.

Get your smile back with All-on-4®

Nothing beats the comfort of a permanent set of dentures. Just ask anyone who has lived with loose dentures. So get in touch with us if you want teeth that work just like the real thing.

Our board-certified oral surgeon has years of experience when it comes to the placement of All-on-4®dentures. They will work with you to get a solution that restores your smile.

Let's get started…

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