FAQs About Laser Dentistry for Healthy Gums

Posted on: April 7, 2020

laser dentistry New Windsor, NY

Advancements in technology are making treatment options like laser dentistry more available to patients across the United States. This technology can offer a host of benefits while treating a wide variety of dental issues. However, patients may naturally have several questions about this relatively novel type of procedure.

Laser dentistry FAQs

When it comes to oral health, every individual has a unique history and set of needs. While the following questions cover general topics related to laser treatment, a consultation with a dentist is recommended for more personalized information.

What are some of the benefits of choosing laser treatment for gum issues?

When handled properly, dental lasers offer increased precision and speed compared to more traditional treatment options. This accuracy helps reduce pain and damage to the areas around the specific treatment zone. Because of the high levels of energy present in the laser beam, infections are less of a concern and clotting occurs more rapidly. It can help significantly reduce healing time as well. In addition, certain in-depth procedures do not require stitches when performed with a laser.

Which gum issues can be treated with a soft tissue laser?

A variety of dental problems can be addressed through laser dentistry. In some situations, damaged nerves or tissues can be stimulated by laser treatment, resulting in healthy new regrowth. Infants and young children who suffer from a tongue tie can undergo a laser frenectomy, improving feeding habits and speech patterns. Treatment options are also available for patients with various types of gum disease and noncancerous tumors.

Can laser dentistry help with oral pain?

A dental professional can use laser treatment options for patients with TMJ disorders. Focusing on the affected joint area can help reduce inflammation and pain. Individuals with frequent or painful cold sores can also experience relief with this type of procedure. 

Are there any cosmetic benefits with a dental laser treatment?

In addition to addressing specific health issues, dental lasers can also help make aesthetic enhancements to a person's smile. The instruments are used to help intensify and expedite certain tooth whitening procedures. People with a gummy smile can also see improvements when the treatment is used to reveal more tooth surface.

Is laser dentistry only practiced on gums and soft tissue?

While dental lasers are currently more versatile when addressing soft tissue areas, the technique can also apply to certain tooth issues. Patients who experience sensitivity often find relief when the treatment is used to seal off areas in the root, reducing discomfort. Lasers can also be effective for treating cavities by reducing the need for drilling, killing bacteria surrounding decay and prepping the tooth for the filling.


Laser dentistry is an advanced technique that can help restore tooth and gum health. It addresses a variety of dental health and cosmetic issues with speed and precision, typically resulting in a quick recovery with less pain. While many people are excellent candidates for this approach, a dentist can help determine the most appropriate course of action based on the patient's condition and needs.

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