Four Ways to Prepare to See an Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist New Windsor, NY

You can prepare to see an emergency dentist by keeping the mouth clean and disinfected with a saltwater rinse, controlling the bleeding (if necessary), and bringing everything you need with you. This guide provides you with all of the essential steps to take before your visit to see an emergency dentist

How to help ensure your emergency dentist visit goes well

You can ensure your emergency dentist visit goes well by planning ahead. While, of course, it is easy to forget a lot in the chaotic moments of a dental emergency, taking a deep breath and taking things one step at a time can help. The most important thing to do is stay calm to the best of your ability. 

Keep the mouth clean with a saltwater rinse

Whether the dental emergency is the result of a blow to the face that causes bleeding or an oral infection, it is very important to keep the mouth clean. This can be accomplished by using a saltwater rinse to kill bacteria inside the mouth. Be sure to avoid anything that could irritate the affected area, such as hot or cold beverages.

Control the bleeding the best you can

Bleeding often occurs after dental trauma, such as after a knocked-out tooth. It is important to control the bleeding to the best of your ability. Consider using gauze and keep pressure on the source of the bleeding until arriving at the emergency dentist. If there is excessive bleeding to the point where it is life-threatening, then it is best to visit the emergency room (ER) rather than the emergency dentist. 

Bring a friend or family member along with you

In many cases emergency dental treatment is relatively invasive, so most patients require a ride home after treatment, especially if sedation dentistry is used. More importantly, patients who in pain should not drive themselves to the emergency dentist. Instead, call a friend or family member and arrange for them to take you to the appointment. This ensures the safety of the patient as well as allows the patient to prioritize keeping their mouth clean and preserving any prosthetics or teeth that were knocked out of the mouth (see below). 

Preserve any knocked-out teeth, crowns, fillings, etc.

One of the most common causes of a dental emergency is dental trauma. This could be in the form of a knocked-out tooth, a tooth that is displaced from its socket, a lost filling or crown, and severe jaw and gum injuries. If a tooth, crown, filling, etc. is knocked out of the mouth, then be sure to keep it clean while heading to the emergency dentist. This helps ensure the dentist can reapply or reposition the tooth, crown, or filling rather than replace it. 

Call ahead and let us know of your dental emergency

If you have a dental emergency that requires care, then reach out to us today and inform us of your concern. We can help you get the emergency dental care you need without having to stress more than what is necessary.

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