General Dentists Share Tips for At-Home Preventive Care

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General dentists say that taking good care of your teeth and gums can save you loads of money in dental bills. Many people fail to take care of their teeth as recommended and put off getting minor dental issues treated until they morph into something more serious. According to a report produced by the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, every dollar spent on preventative dentistry can save you about $50 in dental bills.

General dentists discuss preventative dental care

Here are simple things that our general dentists recommend to keep the teeth healthy and looking their best.

1. Eat the right foods

The things that a person drinks and eats can have a significant impact on their gums and teeth. Dairy products like cheese contain calcium, which helps strengthen enamel. Getting adequate amounts of calcium also helps protect teeth against enamel erosion and tooth decay. Some foods like apples help clean teeth and remove plaque from teeth surfaces.

Fluoride is another important mineral for teeth, and foods like grapes, potatoes, and spinach are great sources. Fluoride re-mineralizes teeth and protects against tooth decay. Tap water is another great source of fluoride in developed countries.

While some foods are great for teeth, others, like sugar-rich treats, are bad for teeth. Oral bacteria convert sugars into acids that damage teeth, and sugar’s sticky nature allows it to stay on teeth longer than other food particles. Keeping sugar-rich treats to a minimum goes a long way when it comes to fighting tooth decay.

2. Have good oral hygiene habits

Oral hygiene gets rid of plaque, bacteria, and acids on teeth surfaces. Dentists recommend brushing at least two times a day, with one of those times being right before going to bed. Flossing daily helps keep the tight spaces between teeth clean, since a toothbrush cannot get to these areas. Mouthwash can be used after brushing sessions to coat teeth with fluoride, reduce the bacteria population in the mouth, and freshen your breath.

3. Visit a dentist twice a year

Regular visits to a dentist’s clinic give the oral professional a chance to perform preventative treatments, like fluoride treatments and teeth cleanings. These treatments help protect teeth and gums against tooth decay and gum disease.

A teeth cleaning is particularly important because it is the only way that tartar can be removed from teeth surfaces. Tartar is calcified plaque and promotes tooth decay and gum disease. A dentist removes tartar from teeth with a metal tool called a scaler. Visiting a dentist regularly also gives them a chance to detect any issues that are developing, before these get a chance to turn into something more serious.

Prevention is always cheaper

Taking good care of your teeth means less time dealing with issues like toothaches and cavities. It also saves you money because you will need fewer treatments in the long run. Call or visit our New Windsor clinic to learn more about preventative care.

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