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Posted on: September 6, 2019

If you are one of the millions battling tooth loss and are looking to refresh or renew your smile, then look no further than the All-On-4 dental implant system. Tooth loss can be embarrassing, and for the millions of people dealing with it each and every day, a simple and attractive solution can be life-changing. Rather than fumbling with clumsy dentures, going through the pain and expense of a full mouth of dental implants or having to contend with missing teeth, All-On-4 offers an elegant and relatively easy option.

What is a dental implant?

Before you decide whether or not dental implants are right for you, it is important to understand the difference between dental implants and other tooth replacement options. Unlike dentures or crowns which are often used to cover tooth loss, a dental implant involves implanting a small screw into your jawbone. These screws are often made of titanium and are fitted tightly into your bone where the root of your missing tooth would be. Once implanted, a realistic prosthetic tooth can be attached to the screw, creating a natural and durable looking replacement.

All-On-4 vs. traditional implants

The problem many patients face when deciding whether or not to get dental implants involves the highly invasive nature of receiving a full set of teeth. The surgical implantation of screws into each tooth root can leave patients experiencing ample pain, and rack up some serious costs.

All-On-4 is a simple solution to the extreme invasiveness of implants while still yielding the same natural and durable results. Rather than drilling and inserting screws into each missing tooth, All-On-4 anchors a full dental implant to only four screws — you do not need an individual implant for each and every tooth.

All-On-4 requires only four perfectly placed implants to achieve an attractive smile. Strong titanium implants fuse with your jawbone, creating a strong foundation on which to attach your new teeth. All-On-4 implants support 10 to 14 teeth, and can even help keep your jaw and mouth healthy for longer by maintaining bone integrity and youthful face shape.

Besides their less invasive nature and fast application, All-On-4 dental implants typically cost less than traditional dental implants. With only eight implants needed to replace a full mouth of teeth, All-On-4 procedures are far less expensive while offering great results. Whether it be the faster recovery time, lower cost or the change to completely renew a smile, thousands of patients have already taken advantage of this amazing technology.

Ready for immediate results?

The ease and durability of All-On-4 dental implants are enough to entice millions of patients, but the benefits do not stop there. Once your implants have been inserted into your jawbone, All-On-4 dental implants are typically affixed within 24 hours. From the operating table to beaming new smile in less than a day, thousands of patients have used All-On-4 dental implants to help transform their teeth.

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