Getting All-on-4 Cleaned by Your Dentist

Posted on: April 7, 2020

All-on-4 New Windsor, NY

Regular oral care is crucial after getting All-on-4. This includes brushing, flossing and rinsing the mouth with antibacterial rinses. An essential aspect of this is your regular visits to the dentist for a checkup and cleaning. The dentist or dental hygienist does a better job of cleaning the dental restoration that regular brushing cannot. Continue reading to know how your dentist cleans All-on-4 implant dentures.

Why regular cleaning appointments are necessary

Dental implants are created from synthetic elements that are resistant to decay, but patients are still vulnerable to gum disease. Dental implants are placed inside the jawbone before connecting the dentures, which means food debris can get trapped around the implant. The food debris and bacteria can contribute to plaque buildup and gum infections, which is why patients need to visit their dentist for regular cleanings and checkups.

Since All-on-4 denture implants are not removable, patients need to go for regular professional cleanings. The dentist will carefully remove the prosthesis and clean anything from the implant restoration that is difficult to reach at home. They will also ensure that the prosthesis is securely attached and aligned correctly. The dentist plays a crucial role in keeping infections off the dental implant restoration.

Cleaning All-on-4 implants

Dentists have the proper tools to perform a professional cleaning. The method of cleaning depends on the type of debris, whether hard (tartar or calcified material) or soft (foods or biofilm), the location of the debris, the type of surface and the stubbornness of the stains.

The instruments used will not damage the implant dentures, retainment mechanism (abutment) and implant. It is important to preserve the polished, smooth surface of the crowns and abutment. Scratches can cause bacteria to accumulate. Therefore, the tools used, known as curettes and scalers, are usually created from plastics and resins.

Most ultrasonic instruments have plastic or nylon sheaths or tips to prevent damage to implants. These tools clean with high-frequency vibration, which is vital if the debris has accumulated significantly. The dentist will set them to a low power level and use water irrigation and sometimes antibacterial solutions to clean and remove debris.

If any area of the implant itself is visible, this could indicate an infection that has caused gum or bone loss. The implant surface shows when it loses its grip on the bone. It is difficult if not impossible to clean or disinfect implant posts. The dentist can use brushes to remove biofilm from the exposed part of the implants wherever possible. If tartar is present on the surface of the implant, the dentist will attempt to remove the contaminants. The process is done carefully to avoid further damage to the implant.

In conclusion

Despite the challenges of cleaning All-on-4 implants, they have a high success rate of over 85 percent. However, to prevent infection and potential failure of the implants, implant health and maintenance are crucial. Patients must visit the dentist regularly to have the implants and the connected components cleaned to ensure long-term success.

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