Getting Implant Supported Dentures on the Lower Teeth

Implant Supported Dentures New Windsor, NY

Implant supported dentures are a form of overdenture that are anchored to and supported by dental implants. Unlike regular dentures that lie on the gums, these dentures are fitted with unique attachments that snap over the implants. They are often recommended when someone has suffered complete teeth loss but still has a healthy bone to hold implants.

Overview of implant supported dentures

Implant dentures are more commonly fitted for missing lower teeth since regular dentures are often less stable there and may compromise bone health. Regular dentures have more stability on the upper jaw and do not always require the extra support of dental implants. However, patients can get implant supported dentures for both the upper and lower jaw.

Two major options are available, depending on the attachment mechanism: ball-retained and bar-retained. In both cases, the denture has an acrylic base that looks like the gum. Then natural-looking acrylic or porcelain teeth are connected to the base. For the lower teeth, at least two to four implants are required to support the denture.

The ball retainment mechanism is also known as stud-attachment dentures. They consist of male and female attachments that fit snugly into each other. The implant holds the female part, while the denture holds the male part. Bar-retained dentures have a slim metal bar that is curved to the form of the patient’s jaw and clips directly to the implants via an attachment mechanism.

The process

Generally, implants are placed into the front side of the jaw since there is more bone density there than at the back and no interference with the placement process. Bone loss often follows tooth loss, meaning dentists will try to utilize the denser areas of the jaw.

The implant process can take some time. The time taken depends on the patient’s bone health and positioning of the implants. For the lower teeth, the duration is about five months and covers the initial preparation process and the final procedure of implant placement and denture attachment.

To begin the process, the dentist will place the implant inside the jawbone underneath the gums. After three to six months, a second procedure will be required, following osseointegration, to open the implant’s head. As techniques improve over the years, it is now possible to place the implants and the attachment mechanism in one stage. If eligible, patients can get a temporary denture on the same day after getting implants.

The benefits

Implant supported dentures are more durable and sturdier than traditional dentures. This makes talking easier, and patients will not be concerned about the dentures slipping out or coming loose. It also increases the food options available to patients. These dentures are also natural-looking and highly functional.

It is still important to care for the implant dentures like natural teeth, as this is important for long-term use. The same caution that applies to natural teeth applies to implant dentures as well.

In conclusion

If your entire lower teeth are missing, you should consider getting implant supported dentures to replace them. Schedule a consultation appointment with the dentist to learn more about the option and restore your smile.

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