Have Tooth Flaws? Dental Veneers are a Permanent Solution

Posted on: August 2, 2018

dental veneers

Are you thinking dental veneers will work when it comes to covering up any tooth flaws that are getting in the way of your ability to smile with confidence? It is essential that you find a solution for any tooth flaws that you may have so you can smile and laugh with confidence every single time. Today’s advances in the modern dentistry field now offer dental patients many different options when it comes to improving the way they look when they smile. A general dentist or an endodontist can fix your tooth flaws, which is often dependent on the extent of the issue and what needs to be completed to fix the flaw.

According to the American Association of Endodontists, the sooner your tooth is treated, the better the outcome.

Tooth flaws

There are many different types of tooth flaws that veneers can help to cover up, making this tooth repair option one that is used quite often by those individuals who are not happy with the way their teeth look when they smile. Some of the more common tooth flaws that can benefit from veneers include having a chipped tooth, broken tooth, teeth that are worn down, teeth that are misshaped, teeth that are uneven, teeth that are discolored and teeth with significant gaps in between them.

Are veneers permanent?

While veneers are indeed considered to be a permanent solution for fixing tooth flaws, their lifespan averages anywhere between 7 and 12 years. After this amount of time, they will need to be replaced. In order for someone to extend the life of their veneers, they must practice proper dental care, which includes brushing and flossing their teeth at least two times a day. They must also try to avoid any types of foods or drinks that can stain their teeth, i.e., red wine, coffee, beets, etc.

It is vital for those individuals who are looking to fix their tooth flaws to decide whether or not they want a permanent solution. There are other, less permanent solutions for fixing tooth flaws available and include tooth bonding and tooth fillings.

Are veneers the right choice for you?

Thinking that dental veneers are going to be a solution that works for you? If you happen to have any questions about veneers that we can answer for you, we invite you to call us at your earliest convenience. Having answers to your questions is going to help you decide which dental solution is going to work for you when it comes to repairing your tooth flaws. The more you understand about your options when it comes to improving your smile, the better able you are to make a decision that is right for you.

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