How Are Teeth Whitened at the Dentist Office? Why a Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure Is Safe

teeth whitening

Wondering about the teeth whitening that professional dentists use in their office? When you want whiter teeth, it is necessary for you to choose a whitening option that works for you. There are so many over-the-counter whitening options available nowadays that it can be difficult to choose between them all. The safest way for anyone to have their teeth whitened is to make an appointment with a professional dentist. A dentist has been specifically trained in how to whiten their patients' teeth and is the only way for patients to know that their teeth whitening procedure is completely safe.

Why whiter teeth?

Why do so many people want whiter teeth nowadays? Because having a nice bright smile makes it easy to show it off. When someone’s teeth are not as white and bright as they want them to be, then they are much less likely to smile. But anyone can get their teeth professionally whitened at a dental office and usually only in about one hour.

How are teeth whitened at the dentist office?

One of the first things a dentist will do is choose the correct shade, which can be discussed with the patient. The patient will then have their teeth polished in order to prep for the whitening solution. Dental retractors will be used to keep the mouth open, and protection barriers will be placed along the gum line. The dentist will then place the whitening solution on the teeth. Sometimes light or heat is necessary to activate the solution. Once the actual tooth whitening process is complete, the teeth will be rinsed and a fluoride application will be applied. The entire procedure takes anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

Have any questions you need answered?

We can answer any teeth whitening questions you have! All you have to do is give us a call when you have a few moments to spare. While many people choose to get their teeth whitened to feel more confident when showing off their smile, getting their teeth whitened will also improve their overall dental health. Know that our caring team of dental professionals is here if you happen to need us!

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