How Does a Denture Stay in Place?

Posted on: April 16, 2018

DentureDentures remain in place with a close fit along the underlying gum as well as the bone tissue.  The layer of saliva between the gums and the denture help keep this oral health device in place.  The larger the surface area, the stronger the seal. This is why there are comparably few problems with upper dentures.

Overdentures are typically for the lower jaw since there is less suction on the bottom due to a comparably smaller surface area.  Overdentures are dentures connected to natural teeth roots.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures have arms known as clasps that wrap around the tooth to keep it firmly in position.  Partial dentures work by attaching a set of artificial teeth to natural teeth in order to replace any missing teeth.Since the other natural teeth in the mouth have roots, partial dentures will likely prove slightly steadier in the mouth than complete dentures.  It is also possible to connect dentures to dental implants in the event the patient is missing a tooth.

Why do Some Dentures Stay in Position Better Than Others?

Some patients have a mouth with anatomical structures that prove inadequate for the support of dentures.  The primary issue is a poor lower ridge that does not permit the denture to stabilize along the lower jaw.  Furthermore, some patients suffer from a dry mouth that prevents the formation of the saliva necessary to create and maintain suction.  One cause of dry mouth can be people who consume multiple medications.

Denture Customization

Dental technology is as the point in which professionals can customize each patient’s unique dentures to the idiosyncrasies of his or her mouth. Dentures can now fit your specific teeth and gums.  This molding allows for the optimal fit along the bone and gum ridges.

The Role of Denture Fixatives

Plenty of people who wear dentures believe denture fixatives are strictly for people with loose-fitting dentures.  However, this is not always true. While dentures are customizable for the optimal fit in the patient’s mouth, this does not mean the patient cannot benefit from some additional support.  Denture fixatives provide that extra confidence and security, while also enhancing comfort.

By using denture fixatives, you will not have to worry about your dentures slipping or loosening.  Denture fixatives also help prevent those annoying little pieces of food from moving below the denture plate.

The Issue of Bone Resorption

Dentures can loosen for many reasons, one of which is bone resorption.  This occurs when the gums shrink after no longer being necessary to hold the teeth in place.  You can do your part to prevent bone resorption by making an effort to use your jaw as frequently as possible.  The frequent chewing of solid food and a balanced diet will help keep your gums healthy and prevent bone resorption.

How to Tell if Your Dentures are Loose

Dentures that slip or no longer fit as snugly as they once did require a fixative, an adjustment or replacement.  You might also hear a clicking sound when talking and feel some discomfort. Others experience minor sores due to loose dentures.  Some have issues with their dentures when eating. If you experience any of these problems, meet with Advanced Dental right away.


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