Improve Your Oral Health With a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction New Windsor, NY

Wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary if the teeth are a potential oral health risk. In some cases, wisdom teeth can increase the risk of an oral infection if they do not emerge fully through the gums. They can also damage other teeth and are more susceptible to dental decay since they are located the farthest back in the mouth and harder to reach while brushing.

A detailed review of wisdom tooth extraction

Many patients have some anxiety before a wisdom tooth extraction, but understanding the purpose of the procedure and the benefits it can provide may help alleviate some nerves and concerns. This review discusses how your oral health can improve with a wisdom tooth extraction

How can wisdom tooth extraction improve oral health?

Wisdom tooth extraction involves the removal of the third molars that emerge later in life. When they come through, there is hardly enough room available for most patients. This can cause overcrowding. If they only partially emerge, then it can increase the risk of a range of oral health concerns (see below). Wisdom tooth extraction ensures there is plenty of space for teeth to not be overcrowded and reduces the risk of periodontal concerns such as gum disease. 

What are the risks of not having wisdom teeth removed?

When overcrowding occurs, it can increase the risk of damage to the adjacent molars and other teeth if they begin to push against one another. Wisdom teeth also can increase the risk of oral infections, particularly if they do not fully emerge and the gums are open. This also increases the risk of gum disease as well. 

Wisdom teeth also make orthodontic treatment difficult due to overcrowding, and many dentists require the removal of wisdom teeth before beginning orthodontic care. Wisdom teeth are also more vulnerable to tooth decay because they are farther back in the mouth and hard to reach while brushing and flossing. 

When is wisdom tooth extraction recommended?

Some people have their wisdom teeth emerge properly and there may not be any notable benefits of extraction. However, this is not the case for most patients, as the average human jaw simply is not large enough to support third molars. During a consultation, the dentist can order dental X-rays and conduct an oral examination to determine if a wisdom tooth extraction is recommended or necessary to improve and preserve oral health. 

How can I recover after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a safe procedure, but it does cause some discomfort and requires a recovery period. During recovery, it is important to stick to soft foods that do not require much chewing and keep a consistent oral care routine that includes brushing gently and the use of mouthwash. 

Discuss wisdom tooth extraction with our dental team

You can learn more about wisdom tooth extraction by contacting our dental practice today. Wisdom tooth extraction may not be a fun experience, but the process can be made much easier by choosing the right dental team to carry out the treatment procedure.

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