Periodontal Maintenance Appointments: Why They Are Critical to Your Gum Health

Posted on: July 4, 2019

The gums are one of the main supporting structures of teeth, and unhealthy gums often indicate a risk of eventual tooth loss or oral infection. Periodontal maintenance appointments work to treat gum complications and help patients maintain healthy gums, helping to ensure they are able to keep their teeth for a lifetime. 

The importance of periodontal maintenance

Periodontal maintenance should be a part of every person’s oral care, and it is encouraged to visit the dentist each year for a periodontal examination and cleaning. The following is everything to know about the periodontal maintenance process, including what an appointment includes and how it is beneficial. 

What are periodontal maintenance appointments?

Periodontal maintenance is a term used to describe a dental visit in which the main priority is the health of the gums. Many dentists refer to a scaling and root planing as periodontal maintenance, although the appointment might include more than just a deep cleaning. A scaling and root planing, the most common type of periodontal maintenance, is a procedure in which the dentist conducts a deep cleaning of the part of the tooth closest to the gums as well as the gums themselves, removing any and all bacteria or diseased tissue that might exist on the gums or along the gum line. 

Benefits of periodontal maintenance appointments

There are many benefits to periodontal maintenance appointments, not the least of which is an increased likelihood of keeping your teeth for an entire lifetime. The gums are crucial for the health of a tooth, and gum disease symptoms such as gum recession can lead to tooth becoming loose and falling out. Periodontal maintenance works to treat gum disease and prevent it from moving forward. There are also cosmetic benefits to a periodontal maintenance appointment, and it can help patients achieve a better smile as well as healthier gums. 

When to consider periodontal maintenance

It is encouraged for everyone to schedule a periodontal maintenance appointment at least once a year to ensure the gums remain clean. The fact is a good oral hygiene routine and routine dental cleaning can only do so much to remove bacteria on the gums, and procedures such as scaling and root planing are often needed to fully ensure healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, anyone who struggles with symptoms of periodontal disease, such as bleeding, swollen, discolored or receding gums, should visit the dentist for scaling and root planing. 

Talk to a dentist about periodontal maintenance

The time to visit the dentist for periodontal maintenance is not after gum disease develops, but instead, it ideally should be performed for preventive purposes. With that said, those who have healthy gums and those who struggle with gum disease alike should consider periodontal maintenance. If you want to achieve healthier gums and ensure quality long-term oral health, then consult with us today and schedule a time to come in for a periodontal maintenance appointment and gain a healthier mouth and more beautiful smile in just one day. 

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