Tips to Optimize Your Invisalign Treatment

Posted on: September 22, 2020

Invisalign New Windsor, NY

There is a lot to like about Invisalign® clear aligners. No matter how old you are or what treatment you have had earlier in life, this method can successfully straighten crooked teeth, make room in a crowded mouth, and fix bite dysfunctions. The results will also depend on how well you follow the dentist’s instructions. There are things that you can do every day to make sure your teeth are becoming straighter.

Benefits of Invisalign treatment

Deciding to get clear aligners is not as difficult when the patient understands how the process works. Aligners are a good choice for many reasons, starting with the fact that they are virtually invisible. This is appealing to people who do not want clunky metal braces that stand out. These plastic trays are also more comfortable than metal braces and will not irritate and cause sores on the gums and cheeks. Aligners can straighten teeth faster than braces, too—sometimes in as little as a few months.

Wear the aligners as much as possible

Another advantage that Invisalign has over other methods is that the trays are removable. Patients should remove them to eat and drink as well as to clean them. The dentist will advise wearing them 21 to 22 hours a day. Some patients may be tempted to have them out longer. Doing these may seem convenient, but it can lengthen the treatment time. The more consistently the patient wears the tray, the faster the teeth will move into the right places.

Keep the aligners clean

Good oral hygiene does not stop when a patient gets Invisalign trays. This not only means brushing and flossing teeth but properly maintaining the aligners. People with aligners should rinse the off a few times a day with warm water. This will remove any food particles or other debris. Brushing twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush is vital. It can also help to rinse the trays each day. The dentist can recommend a solution, but denture cleaner works well.

Make and keep appointments

People with braces will have regular checkups to check the treatment’s progress. The same should happen for people doing Invisalign treatment. At each visit, the patient will receive new trays. These will continue to put pressure on the teeth and fix any misalignments. Missing visits to the dentist’s office will prolong the treatment time. Patients should see the dentist at least every two weeks for new aligners and to evaluate progress.

Make your treatment successful

To get the most out of wearing Invisalign trays, you need to carefully follow these tips and guidelines. Neglecting care and maintenance can ruin the trays and impact the success of the treatment. Clear aligners can move crooked teeth into the right position and change smiles into the attractive look you want. Follow what your dentist tells you so you can achieve your goals. If you are concerned about wearing the trays or have any questions, make sure you consult your dentist right away.

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