What Are Composite Fillings

Posted on: October 2, 2019

Composite fillings have become the preferred choice for patients of all ages. When talking about having a cavity filled, most people immediately think of silver. Although amalgams are still a viable option, there is a new kid on the block. As you look over the information provided, you will see why the composite material is so popular.

Introduction to composite fillings

In general terms, composite fillings match the patient’s natural tooth color. Made from either a mixture of glass or plastic, these restore decayed teeth. In other words, along with filling cavities, this material is a great way to enhance appearance. When talking, chewing or yawning, no one can tell that an individual had a tooth filled.

Primary benefits

One of the primary benefits of composite fillings as stated is the color-matching aspect. Simply put, filled teeth do not stand out. Overall, this helps boost an individual’s self-esteem. Especially for those in the public eye, this takes the focus off the teeth and onto what the people have to say.

Another benefit of composite fillings that people appreciate is that the dentist does not have to do as much drilling. Even with the mouth numbed, some patients cringe at the sound the dental drill makes. Completing the process quicker makes them feel more comfortable in the dentist chair. This also works in favor of those with tight schedules: people who need to get in and out quickly.

There is yet another benefit that has to do with bonding. Most of the composite fillings on the market today bond extremely well to permanent teeth. As a result, there is less risk of a filling falling out. Ultimately, people can eat whatever wanted without any concern of dislodging or loosening the filling.

Compared to amalgams, fillings made from composite resin harden within seconds. The dentist would go through much the same process. That entails drilling out the decay, followed by filling the hole. However, when it comes to having a cavity filled, this material speeds up the process. In this case, the dentist uses a type of light that prompts faster hardening.

Along with cavities, composite fillings are an ideal solution for repairing cracks and chips. This is fantastic, especially if the problem involves one of the front teeth. Because the composite material matches the patient’s permanent teeth, no one will notice. These fillings are also used to create resin veneers, giving patients the white smile always wanted.

Different types

Composite fillings, like amalgams, come in different types. For this, a dentist would choose either an onlay or overlay. Regardless, these are both customized at a dental laboratory. After arriving at the dental office, the dentist prepares the filling with a bonding agent. It is then put on the involved tooth and hardened.

Enjoy strong and healthy teeth

Composite fillings not only help strengthen teeth but also make them more aesthetically pleasing. The next time you need a cavity filled, talk to your dentist about this option. With so many benefits to offer, these make the most sense. Of course, the goal is to maintain good oral hygiene so you do not need to have a cavity filled in the first place.

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