What Are the Different Options for CEREC® Crowns?

Posted on: July 8, 2020

CEREC New Windsor, NY

CEREC® crowns have become more popular among dentists, and they offer notable benefits that traditional crowns are not able to offer. The main appeal of CEREC® crowns is that they can be created and placed during a single dental visit, significantly cutting down the treatment time that is associated with traditional crowns.

An overview of CEREC® crowns

There are few options for patients to choose from as far as material types for CEREC® crowns, but the material is strong, durable and matches the color shade of surrounding teeth. The following is everything to know about CEREC® crowns, including how they differ from traditional dental crowns and how the process works. 

The purpose of CEREC® crowns

CEREC® stands for the chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics. Perhaps an easier term that CEREC® crowns are often referred to as is same-day dental crowns. The purpose of CEREC® crowns is to provide the patient with a fast and long-term solution to tooth damage, decay or weakened teeth. CEREC® crowns are made of a ceramic material, which matches the color of natural teeth very well. Each crown is custom-tailored for the patient to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. 

CEREC® crowns vs traditional dental crowns

A CEREC® crown can be placed on a single dental visit, whereas traditional crowns can take several weeks if not more than a month to complete. Due to the speed of the process, many dentists recommend CEREC® crowns to patients. However, there is one notable difference between the two. CEREC® crowns are made of a ceramic material. Although it is strong and durable, it may not offer the same level of durability a gold or metal traditional crown may offer. 

How CEREC® crowns work

The dentist will first need to prepare the tooth for the placement of the CEREC® crown. This may involve filing down the edges to create more room or providing a filling to fix issues of excess space. They will then take a 3D digital image of the tooth, which is used to custom create the crown in an in-office machine. After the crown is ready (which only takes minutes), the dentist can position and cement the crown into place. Lastly, they will polish the crown and ensure it matches the color of the surrounding teeth. 

How to care for CEREC® crowns long-term

CEREC® crowns are durable, but they are not invincible. Patients will need to care for their new crown by practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding hard foods, ice and other substances that may damage the ceramic material. Regular visits to the dentist can also help ensure the crown remains in good condition for years. 

Talk to a dentist today about CEREC® crowns

When interested in CEREC® crowns to restore the size, shape and appearance of a damaged or decayed tooth, it is best to undergo a consultation. Reach out today to get started with an evaluation or to ask questions about the process. 

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