What to Eat After Oral Surgery

Posted on: March 1, 2020

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Oral surgery can be difficult on patients, so it is important to follow the dentist’s instructions. If you have scheduled an appointment for surgery, talk to the dentist about what you should and should not eat or drink after your procedure. You do not want to aggravate the surgical site or experience further complications.

Process overview

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common types of oral surgery. Many people do not have enough space in their mouth to accommodate these late-arriving teeth. Often, the dentist will recommend removing them before they emerge. Other surgeries may involve repairing the jaw or removing soft tissue from the back of the throat. Oral surgery is also necessary for patients who want to get dental implants. With each of these, the dentist will discuss effective recovery steps and how to manage pain.

Foods to avoid

After oral surgery, patients will have to put many of their favorite items and meals on hold. Any spicy food, including sauces, can irritate the surgery site. Patients should also refrain from eating crunchy foods such as chips, nuts and pretzels. These can get stuck in the incision sites and interfere with the healing process. Hard foods may be difficult or impossible to chew. Also, grains and seeds are small enough to lodge themselves into the wound area and slow down recovery.

As for beverages, recovering patients should stay away from hot drinks, such as coffee and hot chocolate. Avoid alcohol during this time period as well. Also, the sucking action of using a straw could pop the stitches.


Some people remember when Grandma made chicken soup to help them through an illness. Soup is also a good option after oral surgery. As long as the broth is not too hot, it should go down easily and not irritate the surgery site. Patients can also find filling, nutritious varieties.

Scrambled eggs

To get a daily dose of protein, a hamburger, chicken breast or steak will not work after oral surgery. However, a plate of scrambled eggs could do the trick. This soft dish will not necessarily require any chewing either.


Patients who want something to slurp can choose applesauce. It may even feel soothing near the wound site. It also has a good mixture of nutrition and sweetness to satisfy the palate.

Mashed options

Some people may not think mashed potatoes can go without turkey. However, after oral surgery, a plate of this white, fluffy favorite could make a lot of sense. It may also help to mash up fruit, such as bananas. The patient will not have to use teeth to eat either of these.

Eat right, recover well after oral surgery

You will likely feel some pain and discomfort following oral surgery. Your recovery can be more effective if you eat and drink the right items. Following your dentist’s instructions will reduce the risk of hurting the surgery site. If you have questions and concerns about your post-operation diet, speak to the dentist.

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