What You Need to Know Before Choosing Dental Lumineers

Posted on: August 10, 2019

Veneers have been one of the most incredibly effective ways to immediately improve the appearance of a person's smile, but Lumineers are slowly catching up to predecessors. Both are dental prosthetics that are used to cover up flaws and discoloration on a person's teeth. These prosthetics can be used to address a variety of oral issues like:

  • Minor alignment issues like crooked teeth
  • Badly discolored teeth
  • Stains that are not responsive to whitening
  • Small chips
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Deformed teeth
  • Improve the length of teeth

Veneer and Lumineers are thin, tooth-sized shells that look just like real teeth in every way and are cemented to the front part of a patient's teeth. Veneers and Lumineers make it possible for anyone to have their perfect smile.

Differentiating between veneers and Lumineers

The difference between veneers and Lumineers comes down to how they are placed on the teeth.  Using veneers requires the dentist to take off some enamel from the patient's teeth to create a more natural look after placement. Failing to do so can leave the patient with teeth that look abnormally large. Removing the enamel makes it almost impossible for anyone to know if a person has veneers on their teeth.

Lumineers provide a better solution for many patients who would rather not part with any enamel. Lumineers can be as thin as contact lenses so there is no need to remove enamel prior to their placement.

Other benefits of Lumineers over veneers include:

1. No need to deal with sensitive teeth

Those who choose veneers often complain about sensitivity in the teeth. This is typically caused by the removal of tooth enamel before placing veneers. For most people, this increased sensitivity goes away within a few days. For others, it might take a bit longer.

With Lumineers, patients do not have to deal with any of this since it does not require removal of the enamel. Patients' teeth are no more sensitive than they were prior to getting them.

2. No need for temporary prosthetics

There is no need for temporary prosthetic Lumineers; in fact, there is no such thing. People tend to assume prosthetics are necessary just as they are with veneers. With veneers, the dentist removes portions of enamel during the first session to prepare the patient's teeth for the prosthetic and to take an impression or digital image. Those teeth then require protection using temporary veneers since the enamel that normally protects them has been removed.

With Lumineers, the dentist simply takes an impression or image of the patient's teeth and sends it to a dental lab where the prosthetics are made. When the Lumineers are ready, the patient is called in for a follow-up. The teeth are roughened with an etching solution so the prosthetics bond properly with them. By the end of the procedure, the patient ends up with the smile they have always wanted.

Lumineers are a preferred option to veneers

If you like the idea of veneers but are reluctant to part with the enamel on your teeth, Lumineers are the way to go. You get the benefits of veneers without the invasive installation. Stop by our clinic to learn more about these prosthetics.

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