Who Is a Candidate for All-on-4?

All On 4 New Windsor, NY

All-on-4® is a dental restoration option for people who have lost most or all their teeth. This option involves supporting dentures with four implants placed inside the jawbone. The convenience of the entire procedure makes it an appealing choice for people who want implant-based restoration. To determine a patient’s candidacy for the procedure, the dentist will need to perform a proper oral evaluation. Continue reading to know what factors make a good candidate for All-on4.

Candidates for All-on-4®

Patients who can get All-on-4 typically fall into two categories: those who have lost all the teeth on a dental arch (upper or lower jaw) and those who only have a few teeth left but retain their oral functions. This option is practical for those who want a cost-effective and reliable alternative to their lost natural teeth. With All-on-4, they can get a new set of teeth on the same day after implant placement.

One major plus for All-on-4 is that it can be offered to patients who are ineligible for traditional dental implants because they have inadequate jawbone density. The technique used for All-on-4 allows the dentist to place the implants, even if the patient has a depleted bone mass.

Most patients are candidates for the restoration procedure. Some of the factors that the dentist will consider before recommending this option include:

Good oral health

Oral health issues like gum disease must be treated before a patient can be considered for an All-on-4 implant procedure. People who are vulnerable to gum infection can undergo the procedure but the condition creates a risk of implant failure.

Good overall wellbeing

A good candidate for All-on-4 must be in good health to undergo the procedure. Certain ailments can prevent the bone from fusing with the implants, which is important for successful restoration. A health condition like uncontrolled diabetes can make a patient ineligible for implants. Those who are using antidepressants or undergoing radiation therapy are at higher risk of implant failure and may not be considered for All-on-4.

Adequate bone structure

The dentist will examine the patient’s bone mass with a CT scan. Usually, less bone volume is required for All-on-4 than regular implants, but the remaining bone still needs to support the incoming implants. The dentist will inform the patient if a bone graft procedure is necessary.


Smoking is detrimental to successful implant placement because it compromises the bone’s healing ability. Patients who are considering this implant restoration need to quit smoking in the weeks leading to the procedure and in the months afterward.

Considering All-on-4?

The All-on-4 dental implant restoration has an appearance and function that almost match natural teeth. The maintenance routine is also the same. If you are considering this procedure, you need to be ready to comply with the dentist’s instructions to ensure successful results. Book an appointment with our dental office to learn more about the procedure.

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